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A wealth of expertise and solutions for ships, aquaculture and other maritime activities.

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About us

Ringjord Maritim AS was founded in 2021, with the ambition to deliver first-class maritime electrical expertise to vessels and the maritime sector along the northern coast.

We offer comprehensive solutions in maritime electrical, electronics and automation - all with the renowned quality that Ringjord has been known for for over 25 years in the electrical industry.

Our modern fleet of specialised maritime service vehicles, strategically located at our head office in Tromsø/Eidkjosen, at Finnsnes in Senja municipality and in Hammerfest, ensures efficient service and that we can solve a wide range of maritime electrical assignments quickly and efficiently - wherever you are!

For a non-binding conversation about our services, please call us on 77 66 61 00 - or send an e-mail to [email protected].

Some of our services

Radio inspection
- where you are!

Ringjord Maritim is 1 of 8 companies in Norway approved by the Norwegian Maritime Authority to perform radio control on commercial vessels.

We take control of your vessel quickly and efficiently where you are! Get in touch!

Head office - Tromsø

Head office Ringjord maritim, Eidvegen 696, Eidkjosen

Ringjord maritime head office
phone..: 776 66 100 email: [email protected]

General Manager Ringjord Maritim: Christine Leiksett [email protected]Telephone: 909 98116

Professionally responsible: Edmund: Tel: 411 94520 - Email: [email protected]

Fitting station - Finnsnes

Fitting station Finnsnes, Sandvikveien 115

Local contact person: Tomm
- Phone..: 905 64 691 - email: [email protected]

The installation station provides both land-based and maritime services within electrical and electronics

Fitter station - Hammerfest

Fitting station Hammerfest

Local contact person: Arvid Berntsen
- Phone..: 970 02 395 email: [email protected]

The assembly centre provides maritime services within ship electronics, sales/repair of jigging machines, etc. 

Please note that bookings and enquiries must go through the head office tel:776 66 100 email: [email protected]

Smartboat One looks after your boat!

User-friendly and reliable solution that allows you to keep an eye on your boat wherever you are in the world.

You can install the product yourself. If not, we're happy to help you with a professional installation.
Training and education
New equipment is becoming increasingly complicated. We place great emphasis on offering thorough training, customised to your needs. We offer training to individuals and groups in our beautiful training centre at Kvaløya. This ensures satisfied customers who know how the new equipment works and how to maintain it.

Ringjord Maritime

Our maritime department offers new installations, conversions, service and repairs, as well as classification and approvals. At Ringjord, a high level of service is central, and our skilled professionals are at your service.


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