Prices and general payments
and terms of delivery in consumer relationships.

ID Hourly rate excl. VAT. Hourly rate Incl. VAT.
Electrician 1100,- 1375,-
Electrician without material responsibility * 1390,- * 1738,- *
Travel service car allowance within 30km 392,- 490,-
Surcharge per km beyond 30km kr. 11,25,- 14,-

* Applies when the customer has procured material that can be used. This is ONLY done by agreement with the customer and the surcharge will normally be 1/3 of the current hourly rate.

1. Introduction

The general terms and conditions below only apply to purchases or parts of purchases that are to be regarded as consumer purchases in accordance with section 1 of the Consumer Purchases Act and/or assignments to consumers under section 1 of the Craftsman Services Act and/or subcontracts to consumers under section 1 (1) a of the Building Construction Act.

For purchases or assignments that in whole or in part are not to be regarded as consumer relationships in accordance with the above, Ringjord Elektro AS's "General terms of delivery and payment in commercial relationships" apply.


The duty telephone is available outside normal opening hours until 24:00, 7 days a week. In the event of an emergency call-out, additional costs and fees will apply.

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