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Ready to sell your property? A technical condition report of the electrical system is profitable!

When you sell your property, it's important to show off its best features.

We now offer NEK 405-2-3 technical condition report for property disposal!

Part of this picture is the safety and condition of the electrical system. We at Ringjord now offer NEK 405-2-3: Technical condition assessment of electrical installations in dwellings at disposal.

Our certified professionals provide you with a thorough and reliable assessment of the electrical system in your home, which is essential when selling a property. Our service includes:


  • Detailed review of the electrical system
  • Identification of any weaknesses or risks
  • Counselling for any necessary improvements
  • Preparation of a comprehensive report documenting the technical condition of the facility


The electrical system in a property is important for the seller and buyer, both before, during and after a transaction. A technical condition report provides all parties with valuable information and contributes to a safer, well-documented transaction. It also shows that you as a seller take responsibility and gives buyers extra peace of mind.

Get in touch with us to ensure your electrical installation meets today's standards and to promote a hassle-free sales process.

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Make your property sale easier and safer with a professional electrical condition assessment!


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