Electrical safety in the home for the elderly

More and more elderly people are living at home longer. Here's our electrical safety advice.

Many elderly people are living in their own homes for longer. Many of these homes have an electrical system designed for a different era, both in terms of load, safety standards and wear and tear over the years. Unfortunately, the risk of serious accidents or even death increases as we get older.

When visiting elderly people, it can be a good idea to check whether there is anything that could pose a potential hazard. These are often small and simple things, such as extension cords and covered ovens.

Electrical safety in the home for the elderly

  • Get a stove guard installed - we can install quickly and efficiently
  • Ensure that coffee makers and the like have an automatic off function
  • Ensure that panel stoves are well away from flammable materials
  • Ensure that mobile phones and the like are not charged at night
  • Check that the extension cables are not too many and in poor condition
  • Check that extension cables not used where there is a heavy load, such as heaters, washing machines, white goods and water heaters etc.
  • If the electrical system, fuse boxes and the like are old - consider an electrical check to get a condition assessment!
  • Check for yourself - if there are obvious faults and defects in the electrical system, call an electrician!
  • Make sure your home's fire alarms are working


Resources and information from the Electrical Safety Portal


Elsikkerhetsportalen.no provides a lot of useful information for the elderly and their carers.



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