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Our certifications


  • NEK 405 - 1 Thermography
  • NEK 405 - 2 Housing
  • NEK 405 - 2-3 Condition report Disposal
  • NEK 405 - 3 Nutrition
  • NEK 405 - 3B Agriculture
  • NEK 405 - 4 Certified organisation

Electrical inspection for homes, condominiums, agriculture and commercial buildings

Norway is one of the countries in the world where fires are the most common and where most people die in fires. Four out of ten house fires in Norway are caused by faults in the electrical system or incorrect use of electrical appliances.

Ringjord Elektro carries out electrical inspections of homes, condominiums, agriculture and commercial buildings. Once the inspection is complete, we prepare a condition report for the installation with an overview of any faults and defects. We also provide recommendations for improvements.

Ringjord Elektro is approved according to NEK 405-2-3 which deals with the pre-sale condition report of a property. This gives you who are selling a property the necessary assurance that the buyer is aware of the condition of the electrical system before it is sold.


By carrying out an electrical inspection, you can avoid damage and fires. Let one of our electricians go through your electrical system and identify any faults and defects. Remember that even small faults can have major consequences, both in terms of health and finances

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The duty telephone is available outside normal opening hours until 24:00, 7 days a week. In the event of an emergency call-out, additional costs and fees will apply.

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